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Sometimes it’s much more complicated than just two cans and a string.

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To achieve efficiency, gain insight, and maintain flexibility, you need to transform your information technology into a strategic asset. Advanced provides integration solutions and services that help you integrate and share all your information technology assets. You can consolidate, manage, and govern master data, software and hardware to enable a single use plan of information technology infrastructure. Our solutions help you accelerate access to business information to enable strategic decision making, and allow you to manage information through its life-cycle to support governance. With Advanced, you can manage and deploy multiple technology assets into meaningful business solutions to improve operational effectiveness and decision making, increase business insight, improve governance, and reduce the costs of managing those information technology infrastructures.

Advanced addresses these critical steps in deploying your enterprise information & infrastructure management strategy:

  1. Hardware quality

  2. Data integration

  3. Master data management

  4. Web and iPhone development

  5. Information life-cycle management

  6. Web streaming and video conferencing

  7. Broadcast and telecommunication support systems

  8. IT Project management & quality control assurance


  1. Certified Apple Developers

  2. BICSI Certified Engineers

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Advanced offers solutions that unify multiple technologies and integration solutions – helping your organization to move, transform, and improve virtually any type of communication focused environment, anywhere in the world, any time, at any frequency.

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ATI is a web-based advanced technology integrations firm. If calling, please leave a detailed message so that a technology support representative can contact you with solutions.